Restaurant & Bar

Shiva Restaurant was founded in 2018 to bring a
modern taste of India to Slovakia. 
Shiva is first Indian Inspired Cooking Restaurant.
Modern interpretation of Indian food in a modern environment
uniquely tucked in the charming stoned paved surroundings of historic city of Trnava
Tucked away on the edge of the city walls, along Trnava most charming cobbled street
Experience unique flavor combinations in a tranquil yet alive part of Trnava' Old Town
- within five minutes from Trojicne Square & City Arena.
At Shiva Restaurant, your culinary adventure begins with your introduction to a progresive take on Thali,
combining Slovak ingredients with the flavors and aroma of India.
Recognisable dishes have been given a twist. Wine is of course fellow for curry, but the team has concocted some pretty neat softs such as mint & lime soda which quashes any chili burn in a single sip.